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Orbital machines stand out for their operating simplicity, as the working tank is manufactured for hand operated loading and unloading; the man sized tank edge allows the loading, unloading and control operations. The abrasion resistant linings of the Orbital machines are made with high quality polyurethane, hot poured between the tank and a mould to grant uniform thickness with a ~90÷94Sha hardness.
The new series offers for all the models the possibility to choose among three manufacturing levels, respectively: PRO (Professional), GM (Global Machine) and GL (Global Light) that, under the same overall dimensions and geometry, give the possibility to satisfy different budget requirements. The vibrating motors of the ORBITAL series are of vertical monobloc type, manufactured according to original Rollwasch design, with suitable power depending on the loading capacity of each model, with possibility of angular and eccentric adjustments. Each machine of the Orbital series is equipped with a door for the total unloading of the contents: on request it is possible to supply the machine with a rectangular unloading door.
There is also the possibility to soundproof the machines thanks to separate modular solutions (”Afocop” covers); the edge of our covers are among the highest ones available on the European market with a consequent high level soundproofing.