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Sicor is a series of vibratory machines for the mass drying treatment of the surfaces with semiautomatic extraction and separation of the dried pieces. Sicor series stands out for the use of absorbing grits that, thanks to the vibration, “massage” the surface of the components and absorb the water so that the pieces remain free from saline and calcareous marks or residues. Thanks to the pieces inlet chute, it is possible to carry out continuous drying cycles through the connection of the separation grid with the pieces extraction ramp by suitably positioning the movable connection grid. If the drying machine has to carry out not continuous cycles of a single batch of pieces, it is possible to set the machine so that the pieces remains in the tank for the required cycle time by suitably positioning the movable connection grid. The pieces could be ubsequently unloaded by connecting the separation and extraction grid with the ramp and through the positioning of the movable connection grid. In order to satisfy the most different requirements, the Sicor series includes five models with different capacities, three are available in PRO (Professional) version and two in GM (Global Machine) version.